Advanced Battery Calibrator APK



With the number of processor cores increasing in the smart devices, the battery of these devices is eventually degrading at a faster pace. The main reason behind this is excessive uses of on board peripherals. To solve such problems. Often battery savers are used, on such application is advanced battery calibrator. Although, this app is bit different from that of other battery savers available such as DU Battery saver, as it is just a battery calibrator; which would calibrate your device’s battery to its real state.

Initially, in android the battery status is given by a set of programs which works on a fixed algorithm. This causes false reporting of maximum battery available. According to which your devices shuts down itself. This can be made appropriately realistic by calibrating the battery. Manually calibrating the device’s battery is quite cumbersome process and will require hours. One stop solution for all of this is ‘Advanced battery calibrator’.

To get started with the application, you will need to download it. Once download and installed, open it. The very first glance at the app might not be pleasant and the interface is not good. To get the app into working, you need to tap on the calibrate button provided at the bottom of the application. When tapped, on the button new activity will open.

Initially the app will analyse the brand and the model number, according to which further processes will be proceeded. Further, the app will prompt to have root access of your device. In case you haven’t rooted your device yet, consider rooting otherwise this app won’t work.

Lastly, after calibration is completed you will need to shut down your device and charged it full. After which you can switch on your phone. Inspite of the app looking too weird, works superfluous and much more effective than that of the battery savers. The only demerit is the root access, which can void your device warranty.