ANDY (Siri like Assistant) APK



If your wish is to make your Smartphone even smarter then opt for the super intelligent personal assistant called ANDY (Siri like assistance). This software has been designed solely for the Android devices, and acts as a voice control software, knowledge navigator and personal assistant.

It is a multipurpose application and is extremely versatile, and can handle pretty much every Smartphone feature. It has the capability, to provide directions, commence phone calls, send text messages, and can mostly answer every question you ask. Its supreme versatility helps in doing unit conversions, answers any kind of algebra questions, provides precise information about time and weather, and also covers most of the information present in Wikipedia.

Although the primary language, used by the application is English, it can answer questions in several other languages, and is designed to provide the most suitable and relevant information. The application works when you tap the microphone button on the home screen of the application, to give a command or ask a question. You can also enable the shake recording option, through which you simply need to shake your device slightly, and type your desired question manually.

The software also has the capability to recognize the voice, of the user, and by using this feature you can simply ask the question aloud and ANDY will deliver you the most relevant answer in its own clear voice. The answer will also be visible on the device screen and will also showcase additional information, URL, and related videos.

It can answer all questions related to music, and movies, and can also deliver email voice messages. Its versatility helps in providing correct information on stock rates, live exchange, and currency conversions. It has the power to control all the Android functions and features and can also trace locations, and get correct coordinates.