Silent Camera Hi-Speed&Quality APK



We all love taking photos by any camera or though the cameras built in our smartphones. Though the quality of the photos of the smartphone cameras can’t be matched with any other camera but we love clicking photos whenever we want and it is not always easy to carry a backpack full of camera and lenses. The camera, which is with you, is the best camera, all say and yes that is right. With just a smartphone and mobile software you can click creative shoots with numerous of angles and quality. But sometimes during any shoot you don’t want to disturb anyone, just want to click shoots without making any noise. Built in camera mobile apps come with shutter sounds, which you cannot always mute. Tacoty JP Kinoko photography brings a solution for it. Silent camera with high quality and high speed photography helps you to click photos without any shutter sound. In many devices it is not possible to turn off the shutter sound however many people also don’t want to go to that route.

With this camera app, you can get all your full camera experience without any bothering of the added shutter sound. This camera app comes with the feature of continuous shooting, zooming, self timer, auto focus feature, etc. You can also adjust the speed of the continuous shooting by adjusting the volume button. Over 18 million downloads, this is one of the best silent camera app you will get in the play store.