Selfie Cam – Vintage Retro app APK



Live camera applications have paved their way into our smart phones in the recent times quite rapidly. As of for this application, as the name suggests, Selfie Cam – Vintage Retro app is an Android market production providing live editable pictures on the go. Though the application works only on devices having a front camera, it still is worthwhile. Open the application and click pictures with creative and amazing vintage filters and effects. And the best part about it, it is all available on the live camera, which is we know how a picture would look even before clicking it.

Take on you normal photography and transform them into a beautiful vintage collection. Selfie Cam – Vintage Retro app contains more than 100 filters pre-installed on camera application, including some highly preferred ones like Sepia, Vintage, Grunge, Bokeh and Hipster filters. The application has been incorporated with old school analog photography, and takes fine tuning of images to a whole new level. When we edit and image, they gain beauty because of it, but when an image is edited via Selfie Cam – Vintage Retro app, the image bring about an unexplained beauty of vintage effects.

Though it would be unethical to judge an application based on a single user’s review, one should download the application and see for them what this application can create. Edit picture in real time and spell a cast of mesmerizing vintage filters on your favorite moments. The application also leads the user to share the images directly on social media websites Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!