Pic Grid Collage Maker APK



Earlier, if someone was to use an image editor, it usually meant an editor with basic editing functions like crop, saturate, rotate, resize or recolor the images. Now-a-days, with growing demands and ever increasing addiction to social media, properly edited pictures are a must. Pic Grid Collage Maker lets the user accomplish these tasks on the top of which people can edit images using its powerful image editor along with 50+ templates for collages in different aspect ratios.
The aspect ratios provided in Pic Grid Collage Maker vary in almost every range (1:1, 4:3, 3:2, 3:4 etc.) giving editing accessibility for applications like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The small size of the application has been coupled with ease with which user can move along in the editing process. If one has to consider user experience and availability of all the necessary tools coupled together, Pic Grid Collage Maker takes the lead quite clearly.

Though Pic Grid Collage Maker is primarily a collage creator, the application does not leave the image editing behind. The application first prompts the user to select the size of collage from various aspect ratios, which are arranged according to the number of pictures they can accommodate. Select the images to be inserted in collage which are opened directly in image editor. Make the necessary changes and okay the changes. Background color of the collage can also be picked from Color picker tool. Once it’s done, create the collage from the draft. All then one needs to do is share the magic across any social platform they like, including Facebook or Instagram.