Photo Sketch APK



With the advent of social media websites taking and uploading photographs have become an integral part of our lives. People are looking for new editing styles for making their photograph stand out and look different. Photo Sketch is one such Smartphone application, which helps in converting normal photographs into sketches with just one click.

With the Photo Sketch app you can share pictures with family and friends while getting artistic and have loads of fun. Android design guidelines have been closely followed in the creation of the user interface of this fun application. For using the app and creating distinct photographic effects, you simply need to click pictures and upload these pictures from the mobile phone gallery.

The app has slowly become one of the most preferred and interesting editing application and has earned several million hits. You can also take a picture and instantly edit the photo using the editing options provided. The app provides a variety of different edit sketch features, which allows you to create various types of sketches. The app also avails several editing ideas strictly for educational purposes and can be used by the user.

Photo Sketch offered by Arthi-Soft Mobile Apps, is special because unlike other latest Smartphone applications, it supports various lower Android versions. Moreover the prior issues related to the purchase of the complete version have been solved, and the small bugs of the earlier app versions have also been fixed. The photographs edited using Photo Sketch can be shared using all mobile applications like Bluetooth, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The developers are keenly interested in knowing the experience of the users, and thus have provided them with the opportunity to rate the application and share their personal Photo Sketch ideas. The current available version of the game 4.0 and the Android version required is 2.2 and above.