Photo Effects by LoonaPix APK



Our social networking lives today have been attached intensely with our social lives today and there is no denying in that. We want to share almost each and every detail of our lives with the world. Our internet lives should not be barricaded by any kind of boundaries. We as humans often want to explore our imaginations and reflect it in various social networking platforms. Photo Effects by LoonaPix is an answer which everyone will love. With 1 million downloads and rated 4.3 stars this is one of the most used app of its kind.

Photo Effects by LoonaPix is a light weight photo editor app around of 1 MB which just requires a WiFi connection /a fast data connection (3g) to work perfectly.The users can have their pictures on billboards, on ice creams, all over one bay plaza California, beside Statue Of Liberty, at the heart of New York city and there are many more. With over 350 options the user can experiment with their imaginations and instantly share the new creations with single touch from within this wonderful app, say social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc or say Bluetooth to another device. A good thing about this wonderful application is that all the new effects will automatically appear on the smartphone every week and no update is required for availing new effects. However the best part about this amazing application is that using this app requires just 3 simple steps after the user opens the app

1)Chose the desired Photo effect.

2)Select the Photo(either from the gallery or the user can also instantly take his/her pic via smartphone camera).

3)Save the photo or share it!

With these 3 simple steps you get a magical creation of the image. Though there are similar photo editing tools available for sure but with its light weight size of 1.03 Mb,its easy usage and wonderful large variety of options for effects, Photo Effects by LoonaPix certainly stands out and definitely will be a worthy try.The experience of the using the app will be wbest when you try it for yourself!