Photo Color Effect APK



Keeping up with our social lives involves a lot of effort, which primarily includes photos, the prime evidence of our experiences, our memories which are to stay forever. Thus adding an extra pinch of salt and pepper is no harm. Photo Color Effect, like most of the photo editing software enables the users to make changes to almost every extent. The application is mainly Android based, and is quite light when compared to the popular likes of PicsArt and PhotoGrid.

Photo Color Effect has become amongst the top photo editors for its ability to remove color from the images and recolor them into whatever shades one likes. Regular updates, improved user experience and enhanced performance are just some of the reasons to give a shot to the whole new Photo Color Effect.

Recoloring the images is what most of the photo editing applications provide, but removing all the colors and putting in any type of color is what quite less applications provide, which includes Photo Color Effect. The application persuades the user to turn their picture Black and White, select the type of effect or filter they want to apply and boom, it’s done. Secondary tools like brush size changer, redo & undo buttons and one touch saving add on to ease the user experience. On completion of editing, Photo Color Effect also allows to share the newly created image with a single touch connect to social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp. Though photo-editing tools pose a very close competition to Photo Color Effect, it is still a good call to try the same and see for yourself!