Photo 360° by Sfera APK



Mobile phone, especially the smartphone, has become a mandatory possession of our daily life and with this, we can do so many things, which no other object or machine can provide. While we can take a photograph with the smartphone camera, there are options like editing, cropping etc., those are helpful in creating a photo, as per our need and plan. It is well-known fact that there are some apps, which are playing important roles in the creativity and operation of a mobile phone. The Photo 360° by Sfera is one such marvelous app that helps in taking a snap that cannot be matched by any camera, whatever resolution or gadgets they have.

As the name suggests; the Photo 360° by Sfera is the most advanced app that can help the user in taking a photograph, covering a larger view, which cannot be made through a decently enhanced camera. This app can be downloaded that enable the user to take an incredible 3600 panoramic snap with the inbuilt camera of the mobile or smartphone.

Some of the unique features of this app are as follows:

  • With the help of this app; a complete picture can be taken in one shot with a single revolution, without taking numbers of individual snaps and able to immortalize the specific moment.
  • There is some specific pattern of snaps can be taken through this app, such as; panorama, object/person and “behind You”, which all has specific importance, so far the capture of a particular moment or article/object.
  • This app helps the user to share their photos in various social media e.g. Facebook, twitter, etc.
  • While this app is useful in taking a snap of landscape view, it is able to record the particular GPS location, which is considered as an added advantage.