Muzy – Share photos & collages APK



Recent advancements in the world of social media have provided people with the opportunity to connect with their friends and loved ones more easily. It has also helped a lot of people stay connected by sharing more and more photos with each other, whenever they want to. Offered by Frankly Co. is the interesting social media application called Muzy, which helps people in sharing their creative side, through SMS, Twitter, email, Instagram, and Facebook.

It’s a free for all application that helps people in combining various preferred creative tools for status messages, collages, photos, and a lot more. With Muzy, you can create amazing collages by using Facebook photographs, by combining them with your gallery collection, and other downloaded pictures from Internet and choose your preferred backgrounds, and texts. The user gets to choose from a plethora of classic layouts, which can be used as photo frames, for beautification of your picture.

You can discover your new creative side with the help of the hoards of amazing photographic effects. Some of the most popular effects are Black and white, sepia, vintage, retro, twilight, and a lot more options to create your own unique photographic collection. Statuses form a significant part in social media accounts, and to create your own unique status message, you can choose from the variety of status fonts provided here.

The app has an unlimited storage option, and through this app, you can get millions of comments and likes and be the king of the social media world. One of the latest additions made to this app is the Chat room, where you can enjoy having group chats. The app has also recently added a music bugs system, to make the experience better. To let the users create high quality professional edited photos, Zumi has uploaded editing photos to Adobe Creative.