MangaGenerator -Cartoon image- APK



Cartoons are the things which enable people to explore their creativity and vivid imaginations and put them in use. Every country, every region of people in unique in its treatment of cartoons and has distinctive cartoon characters. Japanese Cartoons are also unique and whole world drools over the creativity that Japanese have filled the cartoons with. MangaGenerator is an Android application which lets the user to create Japanese cartoon image. This is a Manga filter camera application which creates black and white filtered image like Japanese cartoons. It’s enabled with more than 200 kinds of scenes/frames. This application has tried to explore the imaginations of Japanese Cartoons.

MangaGenerator uses the phone camera to take a picture and adds a variety of scenes to the existing picture. This also lets the user to create simple Manga collage images. Its primary feature is that it lets the user to create Japanese Manga pictures from taken images. The user can also use device gallery images to add the effect of Japanese cartoons into the. MangaGenerator is filled with many scenes and frames of 200 types and the user can add the scene of his choice into the picture from the camera or gallery. One of the important parts of pictures these days is the editing and this application helps you in controlling the black and tone balance manually. This helps in the overall clarity of any picture as a slight change in black tone can make any picture clearer. The user can also change thickness cartoon image line through this application. This application has some key features which the user can access for free by just downloading it. For the rest of the amazing pictures, the user has to pay. All in all, this is an amazing and a fun application.