Horror Camera -Scary Photo- APK



Even with the rapid growth of science and technology, we haven’t win over our fears in day-2-day lives. In fact, our fears have increased and there is a whole new market which adds fun part to this fear via mobile applications. Horror Camera- Scary Photo is one of such applications which let you create ghost pictures, which are kind of collage pictures. Ghosts have been our fears and at the same time, our fascinations too. We have always been curious to know about the ghost world and if it exits or not. Well, let me tell that that this application won’t help you with your curiosity, but it will surely build on to that with its fun element.

As the name suggests, this application is all about ghosts. Night is the time when we feel scared of ghost most, and this application works like a charm at night as it adds to the darkness of night and induces fear in the user. If the user uses it at night, it is sure that they will feel more afraid. You will need the application to have the camera as it uses the phone camera to create a ghost picture. Horror Camera-Scary Photo has an easy UI which helps the user having a sense of comfort while navigating or using the application. Pictures taken through this application are automatically saved in the gallery. The user can share the ghost pictures, which they makes through this application across the platform. All in all, this is a fun application which is fun followed by fear and if you are a weak-hearted person and are really scared of ghosts, use this application at your own risk.