Ghost in Photo & Sounds Prank APK



Are you a horror freak person? Do you like creepy things? Do you like to prank or scare your friends? Hers is the app Ghost in Photo & Sound Prank. With this app, you will be able to scare your friends with ghosts in their photos. They will feel as if the ghost appears in real in their clicked photos with your phone’s camera. That is the real fun when they think that there is something creepy about you and they might run away coz of fear.

In Ghost in Photo & Sound Prank, you need to make a selection of a particular ghost with which you want to scare your friend and capture their situation as well and then ask your friends to make a picture with your camera and you go away. They will experience the scary surprise that you set on your phone. This thing is ideal for April fool day to fool your friend. This is indeed a very funny and scary prank to prank your friends. Scare your friends like anything they have experienced earlier before.

With this Ghost Photo Prank app, you will be able to save photos and pictures too. You have the opportunity to undo your previous set ghost and add a new ghost. You can remove your picture as well and also add multiple ghosts to your picture. There are 6 scary sounds, which you can add to your picture to give your friend a live experience.