FunnyPhoto -Free frames- APK



Picture editors and photo collage makers sure are something that have provided a lot of support to us, but people have found some better and innovative grounds to rely on. One of them is FunnyPhoto – Free Frames, which does nothing, but takes a picture clicked by us and places it in frames which actually are too funny when given a thought. This application basically creates a funny picture simply by placing a pre clicked photo in a hilarious background.

Capture a moment, select an appropriate frame and cut out the image accordingly. Let the fun begin by sharing with your friends. The frames provided in the application are absolutely free and hidden charges are included. FunnyPhoto – Free Frames has set some of really funny scenarios to ease user’s search for funny pictures, some of them being a person being interviewed, a person on the screen of time square, touting someone as a movie star or even starring a person on television.

Though the application is known to have some persistent bugs, FunnyPhoto – Free Frames has managed to steal hearts of many for its simple and intriguing concept. People fall for it the very first time they use it, and always wait for newer frames and updates. This Android application also provides an option to share these collages at an image sharing network called ‘Funpicty’. The way FunnyPhoto – Free Frames has been designed to ease the use for people along with its hilarious concept, it makes it one of the strongest contenders in its field. People looking to make fun of their friends instantly, this is a bliss for them!