3D Camera APK



Android has produced some really interesting photo editors every now and then, all supporting some functionalities different from others. Though it has also been noted that towards the end, almost all of them produce results of the same kind. 3D Camera on the other hand, has been fitted with something peculiar. As the name suggests, the application can edit an existing image and turn it into a 3D rendered image. Creating an OpenGL render, a 3D output is given using the existing images.

Another thing many might be misconceiving is the need of something apart from the Android device. Surprisingly, all you need is working Android device with a fair camera. There is visibly no need of a 3D capable phone or a 3D red glasses. All the basic functionalities have been provided such as scrolling through the screen, zooming in & out with an additional support for accelerometer.

Turn your normal computer screens in 3D screens by transferring the images created in 3D camera. Share those images online using popular platforms like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. The application used to contain 2 modes earlier, one being picture mode (offline mode) and a server mode (online mode), but now they have switched to only picture mode. All one needs to do is click a picture using camera and select the required depth to acquire the desired 3D depth in the image. 3D Camera does sell ads on its platform, but keeps mum about people’s personal data, keeping it safe from different advertisement companies!