STEAMY Live Wallpaper APK



Are you fond of cool wallpapers on your mobile device? What sort of wallpapers have you used till now? Are those just simple wallpapers that might be showing a good picture or the great snap? Or is it something uncommon and unique that is going to turn heads and raise eyebrows? We bring to you something new and uncommon like the STEAMY Live Wallpaper.

Here, what happens is, the display of your smartphone will initially look frosty or covered with steam. Now, as you touch or rub on the screen as you would do on an actual window pane. You will see water droplets sliding down the screen or the blurred vision becoming clear to reveal the actual picture or the vision behind.

So, it not only has an element of fun, but also an element of surprise or suspense. This feature can also be used to play games like asking the other person to guess what the image is behind by revealing very small portions of it at a time. In fact, this can be very interesting if the theme is a bit naughty.

So get your STEAMY Live Wallpaper today to relish the steamy effect that stimulates drops sliding on a cloudy window surface. You can even draw figures and signs on the screen or even merge together. There is a long list of settings as well. The features include:

  • Animated drops
  • High definition background photos to choose from plus setting your own customized photo
  • This app fully supports the horizontal view and works well both on smartphones and tablet devices
  • The application goes to sleep mode when the device is inactive. Hence, does not drain the battery.

The app has been tested across multiple devices and handsets and the results have been just fantastic.

So, download this app right away and enjoy the fun.