Paperless System ADWTheme APK



Most people are fine with their home screens but there are people who always want some extra from their mobile phones, who get bored of seeing a normal home screen with limited navigation options again and again. These people seek better navigation options, better home screens, better physical appearance of home and other access. One important thing that a normal home screen thing lacks is the limited access to settings like uninstall, editing app names and icons. For all these people, mobile developers have come up with app launchers. Application launchers help the user in customizing the home screen with better options. This also involves immediate access to settings like uninstall and icons. We tend to love the way our apps look on our home screen, and new and creative icons always help in increasing the experience of having home screen icons. These application launchers are launched with beautiful themes. There are enormous amount of themes out in the market and every single theme is distinctive and holds the significance in itself. Paperless System is also a ADW launcher theme and as mentioned above, it’s distinctive too

Paperless System is a theme for ADW Launcher 1.0 and updated versions. One of the unique things about this theme is that it is a 100% hand drawn theme and it gives the user an experience of looking into a pencil drawn system on a pad of crumpled paper. Key features of this include a wallpaper gallery called ‘Paper Picker’ where the user can find a number of unique paper textures to use as the wallpaper of the home-screen. This theme is paperless and it has maintained that look throughout. So, you want to have an experience of pencil-drawn things, go for this theme.