Lavender Live Wallpaper APK



Any idea what makes people turn their heads or eyeballs when you take you’re on mobile or hand help device? It is the colour? Is it the brand? It is the shape of the device? Or is it the price tag? Well, even if you have the best of all these, the one thing that counts in the end is what people see for the first time when they either switch on their gadget or activate the screen.

Hope you have been able to figured it out by now, what exactly it is – Yes, the wallpaper of the gadget. The wallpaper, also referred to as the background, is basically a digital image, which could either be a drawing or a photo or a picture that is being used as a decorative background of a graphical user interphase on the screen of a mobile communication device or any other gadget including the desktop computer. Though most of the devices come with a pre-set default desktop (for a computer) or a background (for a mobile phone), users have the option to change it later on to custom files based on personal choice or preference.

The web or the Internet is a rich repository of all kinds and types of wallpapers or background pictures that only look beautiful but have interesting themes as well. Even though there a number of wallpapers based on types and category, live wallpapers have a different charm and the app – Lavender Live Wallpaper is the best bet available. It gives users the option to play around with live wallpaper having beautiful floating flowers and sky images.

A small advice as well – if the wallpaper resets to the default after reboot, the app will have to be installed in the device memory instead of the SD card. So, go for it and enjoy!