KitKat Launcher APK



Offered by Ismail Akkulak is the closest Stock Android launcher called KitKat Launcher. It is currently the only available launcher of Google Play Store and has a status bar for all the notifications and works for all Android devices 4.0+ and above. The entire application has been designed and is based on Android 4.4 launcher and has a translucent navigation bar, and translucent status bar, and is completely free for Android 4.4 to 5.0.

It showcases an extremely original and small icon packs and KitKat icons, and there is a separate feature called the Hide Apps, available in the App Drawer. There is a separate option in the search bar with which you can show or hide the bar for better usability. To make the application look attractive and eye catching several animations has been inserted into the Search Bar.

The app also offers the feature of float and fixed wallpaper with which you can pre set the background of the application and make it look attractive according to your taste. The transition effect, gestures, and notifications in the Transparent Smart Status Bar are completely free of cost.

There is a separate KitKat Status clone bar available for receiving notifications, which can be availed from the Accessibility Service. You can also receive updates by pushing the notifications, for reading the state of the device. The KitKat Status Bar Clone is supported both by the Internet connection and Wi-Fi connectivity.

You can also run the app and receive additional notification services on Boot. To increase the usability of the application, the process of loading widgets on desktop has been made easier by the Bing AppWidget. For making maximum use of the Smart Status Bar and for the gestures, there is an extra feature provided called the Expand Status Bar.