Go Launcher EX Rasta Theme APK



This theme was designed for Smartphone users who have got launcher ex application installed in their smartphones. People who love the Rastafarian style of living will be thrilled by this theme in their smartphones. The theme is lively and colorful. This theme is primarily based on red, yellow and green colors, which are basically the colors of Rasta and reggae art.

Rastafarian lifestyle and reggae art triggers positive vibes among people and so does this theme among its users. The vibrant theme is so wonderful even people not familiar with Rasta culture will also fall in love with this theme pack. The icons have crystal effect on top of them.

This theme consists of 2 high definition wallpapers containing marijuana leaf, green color icon pack and a changing app drawer.

Using this theme is quite simple and requires no hard work at all. What the user needs to do to set the theme is

  • Go to Go launcher ex home page
  • Press menu button
  • Press themes button
  • Slide horizontally
  • Tap view of Rasta theme
  • Click apply button

Changing the wallpaper is also quite simple. The user just needs to

  • Go to Go Launcher Ex home page
  • Slide vertically to top on screen
  • Select wallpapers
  • Select Go Wallpapers

Users can also change the application icon if they wish to. For this, they just need to

  • Go to Go Launcher Ex home screen
  • Tap and hold the icon where the user wants to change the icon
  • Push “Replace”
  • Select the icon

This theme for Go launcher Ex is quite popular due to its lightweight, i.e. just 4.13 mb and the fact that this theme is supported on a wide range of Android phone (android 2.2 and above). With a rating of 4.3 and over 500,000 downloads this theme is quite one of the most popular themes used by go launcher ex users. It is certainly true that marijuana and smoking weed is illegal in some countries but Go Launcher Ex Theme Rasta surely isn’t! What are you waiting for prepare yourself for some Rasta culture.