GO Keyboard Multicolor Theme APK



Go Keyboard has multiple versions but the best of them all is the GO Keyboard Multicolor Theme. The app is one of the finest when it comes to various keyboard options. It has variety of features and is one of the most frequently updated apps with over a million download.

The Multi-colour theme in the app is pretty much the GO teams own creation. The keyboard team knows the important of eye catching user friendly keyboard style which is not only innovative for the users but also helps them to fall in love with the overall app.

There are many users over the Android world, who are very keen on optimizing pretty much every aspect of their phone. Thus, they find GO Keyboard as one of the best one on the Android platform. It’s a great way to optimise your plain keyboard into a beautiful one.


The GO Keyboard Multicolor theme offers the user a very friendly and attractive interface. It helps them to fall in love with chatting.

The keypad is re-energized and makes the experience of testing way more fun than ever before. Users like it catchy and attractive and thus that it what GO keyboard Multicolor Theme does for them. The most happening benefit of this app is that it offers a pretty smooth pad which enables users to text freely and without any obstacles.

The application of the theme is pretty much simple. All one needs to do is to Download the theme and activate it in the Settings section.