Elixir Theme for SL APK



How satisfied are you with the icons that you have on your device? Do you like the designs? Are you comfortable with the colour? Most important of all – do you want to keep those on your device or would you rather prefer to have them removed if you had the choice.

Well, according to many, they would prefer changing the icons the moment they get suitable replacements for them. And you would be happy to know that we have just the right replacement for you. And that is – Elixir Theme for SL. This wonderful app is basically a personalization app that allows the users to replace the overall existing icon design or colour combination by providing you with a Smart Launcher.

So, you not only get a new function, but the whole experience undergoes a change to the extent that there is no similarity with what it initially came with. The new icons that you will see are all of the HD quality and look as beautiful as anything. These awesome icons can definitely change the look of any screen to an extent where people who look at it after the change might get a feel that it is a new handset altogether.

The only limitation is that this is for Android smart phones only and so to feel its magic, one must have one. The sleek design will simply drive you crazy. Using the app is again the easiest thing that you can ever think of and the look and feel is sure to make you fall in love with it again and again.

The app is hardly 4 MB in size and the app gets installed in a flash. More than 5 million users are using it at this point of time and you will definitely miss something gorgeous if do not opt for it.