Color Themes Keyboard APK



If you are into the trend of making your Smartphone even smarter and beautiful go for the unique application developed by Go Keyboard called Color Themes Keyboard.

This exceptional and versatile application helps in decorating Smartphone keyboard with vibrant and pulsating colors. This app offers a chance to decorate the mobile keyboard with all the favorite and dream colors. It’s a high definition app, and tablet friendly for easy use. Color Themes Keyboard can be easily downloaded from Google Play and the app is available in 48 different languages. In a very brief time period, Color Themes has become a favorite application of many, especially gadget geeks.

The application is only available to users when the Smartphone has been installed with Go Keyboard (Emoji Free). Themes can only run in phone with Go Keyboard version 1.8.0 or above. The talented designers have been capable in creating the best-multicolored madness; with this app you can delight yourself. There are several HD screenshots available with showcases the themes before downloading the application. It helps in understanding the theme better and provides a preview of the phone keyboard after downloading the app.

The application provides users the opportunity to comment and rate the app, for further improvement of themes. There are several different fonts available along with the themes, and users are free to choose their favorite one. Go Keyboard also offers a brand new theme called the pink theme.