Cigarette – Battery, wallpaper APK



How does the battery level indicator of your mobile screen look like? Probable case, it would look like some sort of small icon at a corner of the screen. Well, that is how things are in most of the cases, but than are you really happy with that? Don’t you want to go for something better and more appealing?

Well, there is a solution. A new app for Android smartphone users – the Cigarette – Battery, wallpaper. This latest app displays the battery level of your phone on the entire screen in the shape and form of a cigarette. When the charge of your mobile is full, the same will be displayed like a cigarette that has just been lit. The size will decrease as the mobile battery gets discharged. The visual is quite realistic with smoke being emitted from the cigarette just like the way it would do if you smoke it in real.

There are two themes that you can choose from – the first would be a normal cigarette and the other good day in the form of a cigar. When the cigarette has burned out and is close to the filter, it indicates that the mobile battery is low. There is also a numeric display just next to the picture of the cigarette/cigar that represents the exact level of the mobile battery in percentage. So when the display is 100%, it indicates full battery charge and the same is nil when it displays 0%. The other thing that you can customise as per your taste and choice is the colour of the text. The graphic is crisp and it looks beautiful when the screen is activated.

However, the statutory warning still applies – Smoking is injurious to health and causes Cancer. So, if this something you would like to have on your device, go for it.