Volume Booster APK



Volume booster is an innovative application, which will be making sound of your phone stronger by 30% to 40%, besides phone sound it will also increase overall volume of device by 30 % to 40 %. The increase of sound and volume will also depend on the device in which application is installed. The volume booster application is easy to use application and by a single tap on an icon you will be able to increase sound and volume of your phone.

The application is amazingly design for increasing overall sound and volume of the smartphone. The use of volume booster doesn’t damage your android phone speakers, instead it turns speakers of your phones into a professional media players. The volume booster application is compatible and worked smoothly with both speakers and smartphones. One can observe substantial changes in ringer, voice call and alarms volume level after using volume booster applications.

Volume booster has some ads, which is used to generate revenue for the volume booster. You can simply deny ads by clicking the cross on a right or click on ads and you will be directed to third parties websites. Volume booster has astonishing user interface design and offers attractive Volume meter with the slider for increasing volume and sounds. The additional features included in Volume booster application are the bass boost with five band equalizer and virtualize effects.

With a use of volume booster, you will be able to increase the volume of your media files, keypad tones, widget volumes and media volumes for lock and unlock key.

Installation and usage

  • Add volume booster on your home screen.
  • Enable speaker or put ear phones.
  • Turn on the media player and play music on it.
  • Tap on volume booster icons and adjust sound and volume level with frequency.