TIMmusic APK



We all love listening to our favorite songs on the way. Music gives us happiness and soothes our nerves. TIMMusic is such an application from Telecom Italia S.p.a, which lets us turn on our headphones and get lost in another dimension, listening to our favorite songs. The app comes with a playlist of millions of songs streaming anywhere, anytime and available 24/7. The cool inbuilt music player can play any song anytime.

The app size is small and supports almost all versions of Android. The application can be downloaded for free. After installation, the app opens up with stunning visuals and a never-ending list of songs. There is a wide variety of genres to choose from, starting with Indie, Rock, Pop, Electronica, Dance, Rap, Metal and many more. The most amazing fact about this app is that you don’t always need an Internet connection and can listen to your favorite tracks in offline mode also. Listening to complete songs needs a monthly subscription, which is available at an affordable rate.

The high music quality combined with large sound cloud makes this app, the perfect choice for all the music lovers. So, don’t wait any longer and start playing your favorite songs anywhere, anytime.