Movie Aid APK



Do you love watching movies? Do you also love making movies? If so, then what are the tools that you use to finally get the stuff that you want? Well, you must be using the latest and the most sophisticated applications that are around. However, you are definitely missing on something great if you haven’t tried out Movie Aid so far. This movie app by ASTI is the kind of thing that movie making freaks hunt for.

This app is basically a mobile handset based video editor program that allows movie creation from video or audio clips that are stored in the device. It allows users to turn your selected videos and pictures into a vivid audio-visual format that people will look at with big open eyes. This is achieved when this app allows you to manipulate various movie transition effect(s) along with the addition of subtitles. No doubt, this innovative process allows movie making in such an easy way that anyone would fall for it. After all, nothing of its kind has ever been tried before. So, obviously what you will be getting is bound to blow your mind away.

So, if you want to edit a video recording or want to mix or add images to a video or merge multiple movie clips together to finally create a new movie on your own, then Movie Aid is undoubtedly the one that can help you achieve that precisely.

This app also provides multiple movie/picture transition effects to give you that extra edge. It also has the option of text subtitles to make your movie clip resemble any of the videos that are created by skilled professionals. To further add glamour to your creation, you also get the option to have background music in place.

Definitely, this app is one of its kinds and it must be there on your device.