What’s Up APK



This is the age of apps. So, going ahead, no matter what, you will get a mobile app version for most of the things for sure. There are apps for shopping, dating, games, chat, video chat, file sharing, temperature data, set top box operation and many more. However, what about an app when you feel depressed or are not in your usual mood? Anything for that?

The answer would be a no as such types of apps are very less, almost nil. The reason(s)? It’s the choice of the majority of the users. People want apps that make them happy or that can amuse them, but very less prefer anything, whether it is an app or anything else, when they are feeling down.

However, The Idea Monk has come up with an offbeat app called What’s Up. This is an app specifically designed for those moments when someone is going through bad times or through a tough phase and wants to bounce back, but is not able to find the right resource that would encourage to move ahead. This app is also for those who might have just entered a new phase of life and want to set goals and priorities. The problem, again, is the lack of the right resource.

So, here is the app that is just perfect when it comes to inspiration and motivation or when someone is depressed or is not able to find a way to make a fresh start. This app has information and solutions whenever you find it tough to get going and it can be a good resource to help you pick yourself up.

This unusual (but amazing) app is just 10 MB in size. Once installed, it works perfectly and reviews suggest that it offers just the right stuff for everyone in need of a bit of support.