TheDayBefore (D-Day widget) APK



There are many people who aren’t able to remember the most auspicious day in their life. For them and for every other Android user, TheDayBefore or the D-Day widget helps the users to remember every important day in their life. Not only important but almost any day.

The app has been downloaded over five million times and is one of the most small-sized apps in its categories with just 3.61 MB. The application is one of the most frequently updated apps by the developer. The widget is very handy and helpful.

D-Day widget helps to calculate the day such as how many days are left until any particular day that an individual is waiting for anxiously or how many days have passed by after the particular event took place in an individual’s life.

The calculation done through the app is pretty much easy. It does not include any day and starts off with zero. It counts the particular day which you want to remember and thus it tracks it back on a monthly and annual basis.

It consists of a widget on a home screen. It has two sizes incuding 1×1 and 2×1. There are four options for a user to calculate days. Based on Day, Count days, monthly and annually. Moreover there are various colour and text colour options that are available to choose from. The important notice is that the App will not work if it is installed on the SD Card. Thus it needs to be installed in the internal memory for it to work. Sometimes, the widget may delay a result for upto 30 minutes if the connection is not proper.

The widget turns out to be very handy for the users and other audience who rely on you to remember their special or important days. From now on, no forgetting them but instead waiting for them curiously and anxiously