Talking Pengu & Penga Penguin APK



This game is very funny and interesting with lot of funny voices and reactions to the say and touch of players. It has lot of inside games and exciting game levels with fabulous sound boards. The application is very intuitive.


  • It has high quality of 3D graphics and amazing sound quality
  • Piano playing is excellent
  • Interaction and animation of voice
  • Amazing sound boards with various new and funny sounds such as clap, music, cow, gun, burp, etc.
  • Special effects of sound


The gameplay is about knocking down of cans. The player has to aim on can piles and throw down the cans with balls provided to player. The pile of cans has to be strike down and destroyed in single hit. The green can provides additional balls to play. The player has to use minimum balls and have maximum number of strike downs to make the record. The player have to simply hit the target and always try to hit the centre with the balls. The aim has to be hit carefully to calibrate the shoot and strength.

Publisher’s Description

The interactive game works excellently with the amazing sound and touch effects. The exciting inside games adds to the fun of game with lot of sound boards. The voice interaction is great with various animations. The number game is great to check the brain memory and IQ level. The funny sounds keeps on adding in the game for more fun and excitement. The casual game with lot of animals and sound effects is amazing and also, provides lot of laughter and fun with the application. It is completely free application.

Change Log

The updated version of application has added some more funny sounds such as “House” etc. to enhance the experience of users