Talking Luis Lion APK



Talking Luis Lion is a very interesting game. It allows the user to talk to lion and listen to his funny voice and reactions to the say and touch of users. It has lot of inside exciting games and several interesting levels to play. Luis is a very friendly lion with a minor personality disorder which make him act bit weird and different than other lions. The user can spend time, become his friend and know him in better manner. Luis shows that he is the king of lion but there are some other animals that can be dangerous for him too.


  • 3D graphics of game is excellent
  • Funny and casual game to play
  • Free game
  • User can catch the lion and safeguard him from other animal that will possibly deceive you.
  • High quality special effects such as shake, gets bald, hello, kiss, wait hiccups, whistle, etc.
  • Sound effects in game are very good
  • Allows piano playing in the game
  • Exciting levels of game
  • Animations of lion, rhino and elephant are awesome
  • Great number game to check the brain memory and IQ level checks
  • Awesome voice interaction
  • Voice interaction/animations
  • Exciting touch and response game

Publisher’s Description

Talking Luis Lion is a casual fun game especially for children. It is real fun to communicate with Luis and look at his weird actions. The funny habits and sound effects makes the game even more interesting and fun filled. The game has over 20 exciting levels with excellent 3D graphics and amazing sound boards. The number game is also great in checking IQ and brain memory level of users. The free game is real fun for users.

Change Log

The recent version has some new animations and graphics in all levels. Some minor bugs are also fixed. Added GUI improvements in game.