Talking Emily Baby APK



It is one of the top talking application. The Emily baby answers in funny voices and her overall reactions to the communication are amazing. The exciting inside games adds extra fun and content to the game. The fabulous sound boards and special effects are also exceptional feature of application. Several features has been added to upgrade the fun experience of users over the time.


  • Cool interaction of voices
  • It is a very exciting game with over 20 inside game levels
  • 3D graphics of game are amazing
  • It has great number game to check the level of IQ and memory of users
  • Many house games adds interest in the game
  • Different type of animations such as laughs, sleeps, fairy flies, gets angry, drinks from pacifier, sings etc. are amazing. Some funny animations include kissing, dancing, singing, crying, flying, sleeping etc.
  • It also has drum functionalities
  • Fun game
  • Lot of new sound boards such as gun, music, car, bomb, animals, fart, rooster etc. are exciting and fun filled

Publisher’s Description

Talking Emily Baby is an exciting game especially for children of all ages. It is a fun game as Emily Baby responds to what the user say or touch in a funny manner. The added sounds, responses and effects gives an additional fun factor to the game. Also, lot of inside games and their different game levels enhances the experience of users. The great number game is helpful in checking the IQ level and brain memory of user. The game has lot of features, sounds and special effects which adds fun and laughter. It is a free game and can be played for fun and keeps the user engaged in funny responses and amazing sounds.

Change Log

It has various functionality updates. Also, some minor bugs are fixes for improved performance.