Talking Didi the Dodo APK



Talking Didi the Dodo is an amazing game and has lot of excitement levels inside. The player talk to Didi and his piano. Didi reverts in his funny voices while communication and also, reacts in different mood to the say and touch of player. The favourite song will be played and Didi will sing the song with lots of love. The game has over 4 inside games which can be played and enjoyed with different levels. The multiple levels of game can be enjoyed by player. Didi is one of surviving dodos which is a bird species and it is very extinct. Didi has come back with lot of excitement and will spend good time with player. The game can be played casually with fun. The sweet personality of Didi is amazing to interact and the reactions are also much caressed.


  • 3D graphics of game
  • Amazing quality of sound
  • Voice interaction with Didi is cool
  • Piano playing with Didi
  • The touch game is very exciting and has over 20 inside game levels such as basketball, nuts, crocodile, squirrel head, etc.
  • Number games are great to check the brain memory and IQ of player
  • Fun for children at any age
  • It is a complete funny casual game
  • Exciting animations within the game

Publishers Description

It is a free application to enjoy and have lot of fun. It is an exciting game with variety of inside games and different levels. The reactions of Didi to the say and touch keeps the entertainment of game. The player can catch Didi at game and different livings beings such as lion, ogre, etc. can appear on the screen suddenly with the purpose of deception. It increases the excitement in game.

Change Log

The updated version has some functionality updates along with minor bug fixes within the application.