Talking Birds On A Wire APK



Talking Birds on the Wire is a very exciting game. The player talk to the birds on the wire and birds revert with their funny voices and react to the touch in ultimate manner. There are over 8 inside games and have many levels to play. The funny time can be spent with crazy family of birds and get to know them. The birds are very funny and lot of time can be enjoyed with them. The birds play, sing and spend good time with player and entertain them while playing the game.


  • HD graphics and excellent sound effects
  • Animated and voice interaction in game
  • Exciting inside games with over 20 levels
  • Funny game and can be played casually
  • Piano playing
  • Number game such as roman numerals, hex, octal, periodic table are interesting
  • Amazing sound board with various sounds such as music, car, cow, burp, gun, bomb, dog, etc.

Publishers Description

Talk to the talking birds on the wire is an exciting game with lot of fun and interaction with funny birds. The responses of birds in funny voices creates lot of fun and excitement in game. Lot of time can be spent with the funny and crazy family of birds. The player can also prank with birds by pulling the wire and leaving it. The birds also reacts in angry ways and they fly away. It is a complete enjoyment game with lot of fun and laughter. Another options are piano playing, enjoying inside games with multiple levels, singing with birds and interacting with them. It is free to play. This application is specially designed for children of all ages. They can enjoy this amusing application for long hours.

Change Log

Some minor bugs are fixed in this version. It also includes performance improvement.