Psmart APK



Psmart is a Panasonic smartphone customer app that provides useful and fun information of your smartphone. This app is only supported by Panasonic smartphones that includes some of the Docomo and SoftBank models. Get all the info you need about your smartphone with psmart.

It has an incredibly attractive user interface with icon shortcuts and many more options that provides for easy navigation and rich experience.

Psmart works in a simple way. You need to download and install Psmart for your Panasonic smartphones first. Then tap the free space on the home screen of your device to proceed. Select the “widgets” from the menu on the “add to home screen”. You can select from two different types of icons: Psmart update information (small) and Psmart update information (large). Then click the icon to get various information about your beloved Panasonic Smartphone. This app requires and active Wifi connection or a working Internet pack. Indulge into the world of Panasonic with Psmart app. Classic interface and attractive features makes this an interesting app. The information provided contains important tips and instructions for handling your device as well as new update related information that may prove quite handful.

Psmart is an absolutely free application that works on Android platforms for your Panasonic Smartphones. Toggle and browse through numerous daily updates, fun facts and essential information through Panasonic Smart application. Customize your device with latest technology with the help of Psmart updates. With millions of downloads, Psmart is popular among all Panasonic smartphone user around the world. Accessing Psmart update centre is easy and is only one touch away! So if you are new to using Panasonic Smartphones then you must get Psmart for your device to know more about the device you are using. Download Psmart now!