Optimize Master: Speed + space APK



If your phones performance is troubling you, then you must optimize it. Enhance your phone into faster and freer smartphone, and get your Speed and space back with Optimize Master.

Optimize Master is a specialized, professional and influential tool for Android smartphones, that improves your phone’s performance, increase phone’s speed, enhance phone’s system and optimize efficiency of smartphone. Optimize master is essential tool for Android users, which is easy to use, free to download, simple and powerful tool.


Optimize master closes all sluggish applications processes with a single tap on application icon and takes power back from sluggish application, which they are consuming, thus your smartphone will only focus on the applications you want to run. You can notice the difference in CPU meter display. Optimize meter also offer options for application, and you can close by simply long tapping on them and choosing “Protect from Stopping” options.


Some applications are using more space by caching secondary and temporary files in your smartphones storage. Optimize master clears such caches and temporary files by single tapping on icon. It also offers option for scheduling a sweep times for cache files, you can set a timing according to your wake up time and it will sweep cache file and your phone will be refreshed.

Main Features

It optimize smartphones with complete suite of tools with simple, effective and efficient single-key optimization option. It automatically cleans unwanted space and shutdowns useless background applications for improving speed of smartphone. By long tapping on applications icons you can keep application active and protect it from getting close. It cleans up applications cache data for saving space of smartphone, improving its speed and freeing memory.