Muslim Pro: Azan,Quran,Qibla APK



You can now carry your Quran every time with you and fill your life with blessings from above. Muslim pro- prayer time Quran is a prayer and azan app that gives the accurate time of azan. It also has an accurate quran with audio recitation, Arabic scripts and translations as well as phonetics. It also contains an Islamic Hijri Calendar, Qibla locater and a map showing the nearby Halal restaurants and mosques and many other features.

Muslim pro – prayer times Quran gives you the correct and accurate prayer time, based on your location. It has a realistic Azan with many muezzin voice settings to choose from. Begin your daily prayer and Azan with Muslim pro- Prayer times Quran. Along with accurate prayer times it also shows the both the fasting times during Ramadan and thus is extremely convenient. Muslim pro contains inbuilt Holy Quran with scripts, recitations and Phonetics. It has a Qibla compass and a map that shows the direction to Mecca. The compass is also beautifully animated. A Hijri calendar is provided that highlights all the important dates so that you won’t have to remember every time! This app contains beautiful and attractive greeting cards that you can send to friends and families during festivals and auspicious occasions. This app can be translated to many international languages. It also contains 99 names of Allah for you to recite every day.

Muslim Pro – Prayer Times Quran is used all over the world by millions of devoted Muslims and is recommended and popular. Never miss your prayer and azan with Muslim Pro app. This is a completely free app and contains no ad. It is supported by your android device including smartphones and tablet devices. Download Muslim Pro – prayer times Quran now and stay blessed.