Image Faker APK



Image Faker is one of the best photo fun application with lot of funny options and features. It is the funniest tool made for fun purposes. The user can take pictures of any one and use funny tools to generate funny pictures. It is very easy to use. The user can choose the picture and position it in the frame. The picture can be resized with fingers. Funny pictures can be generated by using multiple options. Save and share the funny pictures or upload them on social media. It is very easy and fun to fake photos by using this application.


  • Huge variety of predefined pictures in application
  • Background and wallpaper can also be created
  • Includes photo editor
  • The application allows user to create cool image effects, illusions, image arts and various funny pictures
  • Saving, emailing and sharing the pictures is very easy

Publishers Description

The application is an amazing tool to create fake pictures and send through email, share on Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, Twitter or any other applications. The images can be turned into monkey, lion, terminator, bodybuilder and so many funny themes. The user can also prank with friends and other people by using their faces and tagging them with funny themes and pictures. It is an extremely funny application to add something unique to the pictures. The picture can also be given personal touch with the fantastic updates and adding new stickers to images. The user can show this application on party to have fun with people and communicate anything by writing stuff in bubbles within the pictures.

Change Log

The new version of application includes some functionality updates. It has also added new stickers for making more funny pictures. Now, there are over 60 scenes to play while making funny pictures. Some minor bugs are also fixed.