Drawingtalk for Kakao APK



This application allows the user to draw anything which comes into the mind and send the drawing or directions to the friend list of KaTalk. There is no more requirement of text messages to communicate with friends. It is very easy to draw and send the message to friends. Even if the user is not so good in drawing, the Sketch feature of application can be used effectively. The user can opt DrawingTalk option, then Draw the picture and use send option easily to communicate with friends.


  • The application allows adding maps, photos, sketch, templates on background.
  • Option of undo and erase.
  • Different variety of pen such as highlighter, brush, pen, crayons etc.
    23 different paint colours and also, allows customization in thickness.
  • Feature of Zoom in, Zoom out, Preview option in canvas.
  • It has a chatting and share features.


  • No need of text messaging
  • Easy to use
  • Variety of pens, brushes, highlighter, marker and crayons for drawing purposes
  • Easy drawing with sketch features
  • Undo and erase option to resolve drawing mistakes


  • The application works great on blank canvas but it crashes while using the template canvas options
  • Size option stops working suddenly while using the application

Publishers Description

The application can draw anything which comes in the mind of users. It has no restrictions for drawing on canvas. The drawing and directions can be shared easily with friend list and allows easy communication. The drawing option has variety of features and options to draw, communicate and share with friends. The effective use with multiple options added to the popularity of application. It is the easiest way to communicate. It has some minor crash issues while using the application but the utilities outweighs minor issues of application.

Change Log

Some minor bugs are fixed in latest version and fixed various crashes.