WD TV Remote APK



Television Industry has rapidly seen some revolutions and it’s been a blessing for the consumers. Western Digital TV or WD TV is a part of this revolution and it has magnified the TV viewing experience to an amazing level of personal comfort. The WD TVs are consumer devices which allow the user to watch pictures, videos and graphics through USB drives. These TVs have increased the content that we can access and watch on TV, the content of our wish. Through a simple USB drive, we can watch whatever we want on WD TVs. WD TV Remote is a smart-phone application which allows a user to turn his/her smart-phone into a touch-screen remote for WD TV.

Key Features of WD TV Remote

As mentioned above, this application helps you to turn your phone into a touch screen remote. This application instantly takes control of any WD TV Live Hub, WD TV live or WD TV Play that is connected on the network that is same as your phone’s network. This application lets a user to have the control of their WD TV from any corner of their place using the Wi-Fi network. The key thing about this application is that it makes the viewing experience better by making the accessibility convenient. Other features of this application includes a feature with which user gets to enjoy the single-touch access to have any online service there on the WD TV. Text can be entered by using Android Smartphone or tablet keyboard. The real blessing for a user while using WD TV Remote is the ease and quickness of navigation. This application requires an Android device version 4.0 or higher and a high speed wireless connection and user gets to have this amazing application.