Videoke King – Karaoke (Beta) APK



Videoke King – Karaoke brings the fun and excitement of Karaoke in the palm of your hands. Browse and select from the numerous songs from “”. The songs can be downloaded in MIDI/KAR format and are copyrighted by their respective owners. Sing your favorite songs by perfectly timing them and seeing the onscreen lyrics and then compare to the original song to see how good you sang! The songs are saved offline for your further use only when you play them once at the beginning.

The interface is simple and smart that supports fast scrolling and saving of the songs. The songs are loaded in an instant so that you don’t have to wait. The lyrics associated with a particular song are shown on the screen and the words are highlighted slowly as the song progresses allowing you to keep track. If your songs are not synced, you don’t have to worry! Videoke King includes a “timing” option that syncs your song accurately. Select from a wide variety of famous and popular songs as well as old songs. You can also see the timing bar at the top of your screen.

Videoke King is a free app that contains many karaoke files presented by GOSING. If you love singing karaoke then Videoke King – Karoke should be the app you must get. The app is lean and steady and with constant updates, and the user experience is satisfactory and without any issues. Use each of the songs you download, fairly and legally as these are copyrighted files. You can also visit the songs you downloaded and view them and even listen to them offline from the app. So if you have not already downloaded Videoke King – Karaoke app for your Android devices, go do so now!