Talking Smiling Simon APK



Usage of Mobile phones began just for the sake of communication. People used to call each other when it was difficult to communicate. But, with time, mobile phones have emerged to be our best friends. We are more close to our phones than any other person in the world, nearly to the level of obsession. New Mobile Applications have also made sure that we stick to our phones in our free time. There are tons of mobile applications, which are fun and weird, and are perfect for passing time, or for having fun in your free time. Talking applications have recently been trending and market is filled with such applications. Talking Smiling Simon is one of such applications and it has managed to distinguish itself from other application with the help of sheer brilliant of design and creative visual aspects.

Talking Smiling Simon Does The Talking!

Simon is the protagonist or antagonist of this application, depends on the liking of the character by the user. User gets to talk with Simon, the talking Smile. Basically, application is designed such that user throws his questions to Simon and he gets to hear funny yet weird answers in return. It’s equipped with an amazing sound board. The fact that distinguishes Simon from other characters in the market is that it doesn’t stay same throughout; it changes its answers and behavior according to the questions. There are times when users get rough answers and those are also handled perfectly in the application. This application is enabled with high quality graphics which are backed by the voice animations and creative levels throughout the application, This application also has some special effects which makes it a fun experience altogether. This is a different version of talking applications and is definitely cool and fun.