Talking Ork APK



Talking Ork is a very interesting game with lot of conversation voices and touch. The ogre responds in funny voices with various sound effects to the questions and touch. It has lot of exciting games inside with various stages and tremendous sound board. The warrior make a long way from mystic forest and want to learn about the human race. He is a simple ogre and do not have any idea about education. His nature consists of burping, farting and other disgusting things.


  • Game comes with high quality 3D graphics
  • Interaction of voices
  • Variations in animation such as angry, look up to birds, etc.
  • Voice of dinosaur
  • Goo interaction of voices
  • It has over 20 levels inside the game. The main target is to catch spinning objects such as iron maces, sharp axes, military boots, strong shields, etc.
  • It is like a house game in which the user need to tap quickly on the ogre and touch all figures on the screen such as penguin, smiley, lion, donkey, etc.
  • Allow sharpening of memory and checking IQ level with great number games
  • Special effects of sound
  • Amazing sound board with eclectic sounds such as siren, animal, gun, rooster, car, cap, scream, music, drums, bomb etc.
  • Real effects with birthday cake candles
  • Lot of funny things done by Ork as he comes from dark kingdom and has steel heart.

Publisher’s Description

The excitement of game is kept throughout the levels as it allows interesting communication with funny voices. The response to the touch and communication is awesome. The amazing 3D graphics of game and added sound boards are wonderful in the application.

Change Log

The latest version of game has added new graphics and animations along with the bug fixing. Some user interface improvements are also made for optimized performance.