StickerBooth APK



StickerBooth is a new fun app where you can transform your own pictures into stickers to express your feelings. You can then post these stickers on social media or send them to your friends and have fun! The user interface is smart and simple and you can transform your pictures in no time at all. The fun features of this app includes, creating stickers of your own photo in an instant, add funny effects to your stickers, share your created stickers through messenger and social networking sites and select from a wide variety of stickers that are updated regularly. The user interface is configured in such a way that you won’t have any problems using the app.

To get started with Sticker booth, select the picture you want to use. Then rub along your face shape with your fingers slowly. Decorate your face with different types of colorful and funny backgrounds, cloth and other accessories. Save the stickers you created in your album from where you can easily find and share them. Share your entire album or selected stickers over social media and show them to your friends and family! The sticker store contains many updated stickers and characters for singles as well as couples. There are a number of free stickers you can use and also you can also buy the sticker pack and try every one of them. The stickers are updated continuously.

Sticker Booth is extremely popular and over millions of download, it is the most cool and smart sticker making app for Android devices. The fun part is that you can take your own pictures and convert them into hilarious as well as beautiful stickers. So if you haven’t tried StickerBooth yet, go download the app and have fun making attractive stickers!