Pattern Screen Lock APK



If you are looking for a nice and attractive screen lock for your android device then Pattern Screen Lock should be the app of your choice. Lock your screen with beautiful patterns. The touch sensitivity is smooth and responds to even the slightest of touches. Set your desired pattern and lock the important contents of your device with this app. The interface is simple and easily controllable. Keep your important device contents safe from other people with Pattern Screen Lock.

The dots are placed in a black background and your drawn pattern will be visible as green colored lines making the display extremely attractive. Change the lock pattern from the app and always remember your drawn pattern as it is essential to unlock your phone. If you forget the pattern you can set a security question for emergency cases that would then ask you to insert a new pattern and then save it. To toggle screen lock visibility you need to press your device’s screen lock button. Once the screen appears, draw your pattern to unlock the phone. This app is easy to use and its small size and efficient usability makes it a great addition to your phone. Your phone would now look cool and modern with Pattern Screen Lock!

Pattern Screen Lock is a free to use app. It is available for your Android devices with version 2.3 and up. Moreover it contains no in app purchases and your user experience is not disrupted in any ways. Its sleek and smart design fits perfectly with both your old and new smartphone device and would be the envy of your peers in no time! So if you haven’t already downloaded Pattern Screen Lock, go do so now and safeguard your important and sensitive data in a cool new way!