Mirror APK



Photos play a very important role these days, since social media is an inseparable part of our lives. Let’s consider if pictures were to be shared as they were clicked. Most of us would resent to that since editing pictures can set a mood and make us feel good already. Mirror has brought possibilities to a level where a filter or mood can be set for the picture before it’s clicked. Loads of options, filters, frames and editing tools are just a few of things making it one of the best innovations.
Mirror lets the user change filters of the camera on the go. This means we already know how a photo would look like. Single tap change of filters, ability to set the picture size and allowing direct sharing on social media definitely sets the standards all the way. Mirror sports 40 exquisite filters, 20 creative frames and the premium version supports 14 extra filters & 11 extra frames. Given that, the extra smooth interface allows a tremendous user experience which intrigues them to use it again and again.

Mirror sports simplest of designs, smart code (though you won’t see it) and quite user friendly functionalities. Numerous frames, classy filters and options like one touch social media sharing buttons, optimization for almost all Android phones and finger sliding zoom take the application on a high. Direct flip camera button and a direct link to gallery have been given to simplify user experience. Having said this, there is no other suggestion but to try Mirror right away and start filtering images hands on!