Karaoke Mode APK



Weekend night karaoke is back again but now to your smartphones and tablets. You can select from the numerous Karaoke songs in almost every languages, sing your favorite songs while in karaoke mode and then listen to your own voice and compare it to the original song and see how good you sing. You can also make your own favorite list of songs so that it is easier to access them whenever you want. Sing like a star and record your voice and show them off to your friends and family, in this new app called Karaoke Mode.

Karaoke mode contains songs with no vocals, so that you can sing and put your own voice in your favorite songs and record them. All you have to do is follow these basic steps:

  • Download and install Karaoke Mode app.
  • Open Karoke Mode in your Android devices (smartphones and tablets).
  • Plug in your headphones, so that excess noise level are reduced and you get a clear recording.
  • Search for your favorite song in karaoke mode.
  • Once you have the desired song, start singing!
  • Karaoke mode app, shows the highlighted lyrics as the song slowly progresses, so you won’t have to worry about remembering every lines of the song
  • After recording, you can listen to your singing and decide to whether save it or discard it.

The user interface is simple and there are options to control the music volume as well as the recording volume. Karaoke Mode app is brought to you absolutely free and is great fun! The song database is huge, and you should definitely find every song you are searching for. Download Karaoke Mode and let the singing begin!