Have you ever wondered how convenient it would have been if you could use your smartphone like a remote? Innovative isn’t it. On top, you never have to worry about keeping the remote at a specific place so that you can get hold of it whenever you want and not hunt for it. Wired DFW present to you the app – DIRECTV Remote. The features include:

  • No configuration required; it discovers the receivers automatically.
  • It has the ‘Now Playing’ status bar that notifies the channel being played.
  • The display is a comprehensive remote control surface with all the features.

You will need the following to get started:

  • Your home network must be connected to these HD models like H24/H23/H21 or perhaps HR24/ HR23/ HR22/ HR21/ HR20.
  • You must also have WiFi access to the home network for your device.

Since this app controls only the Direct TV receiver, you will need to configure the TV receiver before getting started. And, this is how you would do that:

  • Go to Menu and select Parental, Fav’s and Set up.
  • Choose System Set up and then Whole Home.
  • Choose Name, Location and then enter the room detail like the bedroom or the living room or study or whatever.
  • Choose External device. You have to ensure that all the 3 options are marked as Allow.

Once you have done that, you simply need to turn on the app and the receiver will be detected instantly. And that’s it. Things will be all yours now.

This full featured TV receiver app that gives you full control of the set top box from your smart device is just 288 KB in size and all that is needed is Android 2.1 or above to start using it. So, go for and make things easy for yourself.