We are living in times when communication and technology has eased out our lives to an extent that we can have things with us by just a tap of our phones. These things include the basic things that we need throughout the day. Food is one of such things. We can literally order things that we want to eat at any point of the day. People have come up with new and innovative business ideas and have opened enormous amount of food joints, which work in chains across the globe. Burger King is one of such food joint chains, which have its branches in almost every country of the planet. Burger King android application lets you order food from Burger Kind branches in your area.

Burger King is an Android application, which lets the user to know about the nearest Burger King branch in your area. This specific application is for the branches in Russia. Burger King has many branches across different cities of Russia. People there can use this application to know about the different set of meals and food options that Burger King is currently providing in Russia. With this application, the user also gets a chance to earn coupons, which they can use while making an order at Burger King. For the same, the user just have to share the application with friends across different platforms and with this, user gets to earn mining point which can be further spent on free coupons. Though, these coupons are not applicable for restaurants located in airports, but still, there are many branches in Russia where one can access these coupons. Burger King is a growing chain of food restaurants and this application helps the user to be a part of this chain by being a customer.