Big Bang Whip APK



Turn your phone into a real life whip with Big Bang Whip app. Make real and accurate whip noises with your phone. Have fun playing with your new virtual whip, you can prank your friends and include it in funny videos! Big bang Whip is simple and easy to use whip for your phone. The sounds are loud and the controls are pretty easy.

To use your virtual whip you need to install Big Bang Whip app on your phone. There are two ways in which you can use this app. The first is the tap mode. In tap mode you only need to just tap on the screen to hear the whip sound. The second is the whip mode. In whip mode you need to swing your phone to the front making a chop motion and the whip sound effect will occur, resembling an actual whip. You can select between the two modes in the bottom left corner of the app screen. The bottom right corner contains an “Instruction” menu from which you can learn more about using your virtual whip.

Big bang Whip is a free to use app with no in app ads that may disrupt user experience. Also this app is available for your android devices with versions 1.6 and above. The user screen contains the picture of a cartooned whip too! Big Bang Whip is an extremely fun app; you can use this in many of your video effects. Real whips may cause some potential harms when used and thus this virtual whip causes no such threats. With millions of downloads and positive reviews, there is no doubt that this is hugely popular among users. If you have not downloaded Big Bang Whip yet, go do so now and let the fun begin!